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Weber Cover Premium for Q2000 and Q3000 Series with Stationary Cart- 7112

Weber Cover Premium for Q2000 and Q3000 Series with Stationary Cart- 7112
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  • Carton Dimensions: 57.20cm x 144.80cm x 99.10cm
  • SKU: 7112
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Weber Charcoal Grills
The best BBQ grills in the world. Grab yourself a Weber now!
For The Love Of BBQ
For those with a passion for BBQ Grilling.

Protect your investment and help extend the life of your grill with a cover. It's a quick and easy way to keep your grill out of the damaging rain, snow and sun. This cover fits Weber Q 2000 series, Q 3000 series, when used with the Stationary cart. 

This cover is designed to fit your BBQ with the side tables out.  

  • Q2000, Q2200, Q3000, Q3200 Grill Cover with Storage Bag for Q with Stationary Cart
  • Made of 100 percent durable polyester fabric
  • Integrated storage bag conveniently stores grill cover when not in use
  • Velcro straps ensure a snug fit
  • Protects your grill from the elements
  • For use with Weber Q 2000/2200 or Q3000/Q3200 series grills on stationary cart
This is a 100% genuine Weber branded import.


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