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Husqvarna 48 inch 25 HP (Kohler) Ride On with Fabricated Deck & Lock Diff - YT48DXLS

Husqvarna 48 inch 25 HP (Kohler) Ride On with Fabricated Deck & Lock Diff - YT48DXLS
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Engineered for added durability, comfort, style and precision.  Features a fabricated cutting deck, heavy-duty chassis and cast iron axles.

The YT48DXLS also features the new revolutionary ClearCut™ fabricated cutting deck which not only offers rock solid durability but also industry leading performance and cut quality.  Lock diff gives you positive traction in slippery conditions or slopes.

Kohler Engine

Smooth, quiet power is available with the 25 HP, 725cc engine that has outstanding durability.

Hydrostatic Transmission

Use a pedal operated hydrostatic transmission to keep both hands on the wheel for smooth, variable forward and reverse speeds. Cut wet grass or maintain balance on slopes with a pedal-operated locking rear differential.

ClearCut 48" Fabricated (Welded) Cutting Deck

This new mower deck features stronger and thicker 10-gauge steel and is equipped with 3 mower blades.

Cruise Control

Maintain a constant speed, even over rough terrain.

Electric Blade Engagement

Conveniently pull the switch on the control panel to engage the cutting blade.

Front Bumper / Brushguard

Protect the bonnet of the tractor.

Digital Hour Meter

Keep track of a maintenance schedule with the digital hour meter.


Finish your job in dimly lit conditions using the headlights.

Anti-Scalp Wheels

Prevent scalping and lawn damage on uneven lawns.

Step Through Design

Maneuver around the mower comfortably and easily with the step-through design.

Ergonomic Seat

Comfort is available with a 38cm high back seat.  Front and back adjustments.

Cutting Height Adjustment

Choose between six different cutting heights ranging from 3.8 to just over 10cm 

YT48DXLS (960430282)


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