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KettlePizza Oven Deluxe Kit With Wooden Peel - kpd-22

KettlePizza Oven Deluxe Kit With Wooden Peel - kpd-22
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  • Carton Dimensions: 51.00cm x 42.00cm x 27.00cm
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For The Love Of BBQ
For those with a passion for BBQ Grilling.

Turn your kettle grill into a wood fired pizza oven with our Deluxe KettlePizza kit. Unit fits on top of your existing kettle grill and includes everything you need to start making wood fired pizzas at home. Deluxe kits include 15″ cordierite stone and pizza peel giving users the option of cooking on a pan or stone. Cooking on a stone yields crispier crusts. Parts and accessories included in the Deluxe kit are as follows:

  • Expandable insert fits 47cm and 57cm charcoal grills
  • Aluminum cooking pan
  • 15” Cordierite stone
  • Wooden peel

Some basic assembly is required but no tools are necessary. Proudly made in the USA.


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