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MPN: 6495
A clean cooking grate prevents yesterday's steak dinner from tainting today's carefully seasoned and delicately flavored fish and veggies. Use the Grill Brush to clean your cooking grates before each use so that each meal is as delicious as the next.This specialty brush with angled bristles helps ge..
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MPN: 6494
Whether you cook on a gas or charcoal BBQ grill, use this Weber tool to keep your grill grates free of food debris. It helps you easily clean hard-to-reach spaces between the cooking grate rods and in tight spaces at the edges of the cooking grates. This grill brush has an ergonomic handle for a sec..
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MPN: 6686
Perfect for cleaning and maintaining your grillIdeal for detailing and cleaning smaller and hard to reach areasBristles are made of durable stainless steel for long lasting useEasily clean grilling grates with the heavy gauge steel bristles for excellent cleaning results. The small, looped design is..
Ex Tax:$16.51
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